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These are a few of the most processional popular songs on different genres to sets the mood for the entire wedding ceremony. For every couple is different because they have different music tastes. These songs will makes a statement about you as a wedding couple.

  1. Can't help falling in Love - by Haley Reinhart or by Music Travel Love

  2. Earned It - by The Weeknd

  3. I will always love you - by Whitney Houston

  4. How long will I Love You - Elllie Goulding

  5. You are the reason - Calum Scott

  6. Wildest Dreams (Cover) - by Dallas String Quartet

  7. You are the reason - by Calum Scott

  8. A Thousand Year - by Christina Perri or by Piano Guys

  9. I found Love - by Bebe & Cece Winans

  10. I want to know what Love is - by Foreigner

  11. Take my hand (The Wedding Song)- by Emily Hackett & Will Anderson of Parachute

  12. Rest of my Life - by Bruno Mars

  13. Better today - by Coffey

  14. Canon in D - by Brooklyn Duo

  15. Imagine (Acoustic) - by Ben Platt

  16. Angel (Acoustic) - by Ric Hassani

  17. What dreams are made of - by Brent Morgan

  18. Feels like home - by Bridesmaids Quartet

  19. Can't help falling in Love - by Music Travel Love

  20. Marry Me - by Tommee Profitt, Fleurie

  21. Take my name (Wedding Version) - by Parmalee

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