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Wedding Day Mishap Solutions



1. The four-tier wedding cake as fallen over and the top two tiers are destroyed. 

a) Try to repair at least one tier adding more decoration to it.

    b)  Call the closes bakery shopping and order or buy one or two tiers as soon as they can.

2. The florist forgot a boutonnière.

    a)  Make the boutonniere with flowers from the centerpieces.

    b) Take pieces from other boutonniere and make one or call the florist an order one more.

3. The bride tore her dress as she stepped out of the limo.


    a)  I always carry a sewing kit, dependent on the damage of the dress it will be probably easy to fix.

    b)  It can be fixed also with tape, clips, and no-sew glue.

4. The groom has a lipstick stain on the collar of his shirt from hugging his grandmother.

     a) That can be removed with shaving cream, robe it on the fabric gently with a damp cloth.

     b) It can be removed with a makeup remover wipe or a makeup remover water base with a damp cloth and brush it out. Dry with a hairdryer.

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