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Are you looking for an adventure for your wedding date?

 Well, you've come to the right place, because we specialize in helping couples, just like you, discover, design, and plan the wedding of your dreams at amazing wedding venues i

Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

                        P A N A M A

A beautiful tropical country with so many places ready to visit and be explored, rainforest, beaches, rivers, tropical and lush gardens, white sandy beaches, snorkeling, diving, highlands, towns, and cities.  You can visit the Caribbean  area of the country and the Pacific Ocean on the same day. Different areas with different temperatures, from the humidity and the heat of the modern Panama City to the Cool weather of the Highlands of Tierras Altas, Chiriqui. Friendly people and good food.

Historical places to visit, like the historic Casco Viejo (Old Panama City), Portobelo, Panama Canal, and the Locks, etc. 



            C O S T A   R I C A

Modern cities, beautiful towns, waterfalls, black and white beaches, volcanoes ready to be explored, Caribbean and Pacific beaches.  Beautiful tropical places, good food, beautiful people who like to go horseback riding, hiking, fishing and explore the diverse and colorful ecosystems.

Delicious food everywhere you go, local and international flavors.


Beautiful towns, cities, pristine beaches, colonial culturem breathtaking mountain sunsets, lush surroundings, a traditional and modern touches with friendly people. 

Variety of cultural and international food with a variety of influences.

      C A R I B E A N    I S L A N D S

The Caribbean Islands are a variety of beautiful islands, with natural resources, festive traditions, tropical beaches, romantic, luxurious and exclusive getaways, lively nightlife, soft-sand beaches, friendly locals, historic lands, world class diving, endless sunshine, snorkeling, world-class cuisine.

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