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This service package was created thinking on the couples who want the complete planning and coordination of their wedding, from start to finish of those unseen details that matter to you. For those who have a very difficult schedule or just need a professional touch to make sure that everything will be taken care of, that keep the process running and work together with you. 

Full service planning means anticipating your event need, but also educating you on the options that exist to create something that speaks to who you are. 




This package of services has been designed for couples who want to plan their own weddings, but don't have time to check out all the services and prices of all the vendors they will need for their big day. The package includes  the month of coordination service package.



This Package is designed for couples who have taken care of the majority of the details of their wedding but still needs outside assistance directing everyone and overseeing everything on the wedding day to ensure that all will run smoothly.



We have 3 packages to help out the Quinceañera parents to plan and manage the day of the event.

Full planning package of services - Package "C" , For parents that need help with the complete planning of the event.

Partial planning of the event - Package "B", For the parents who like to plan the party but doesn't have time to communicate with all the vendors

Manage of the Day of the event - Package "A", Design to help with the logistic of the details and the management of the event.

Other packages can be created adding other vendors services as is needed.

Private Parties & Corporate Events

P R I V A T E  P A R T I E S

                                  Bridal Showers
4 to 5 months before the Wedding
Our services as a wedding planner include
  • Consultation with the Maid of Honor or a family member who is hosting the event.
  • Consultation with the Bride to find out if she wants a girls-only shower or a co-ed shower event (if the host doesn't have that information).
  • Create the guest list and nail down mailing addresses (to buy invitations).
  • Management of the budget to choose
    (two months before) the venue and theme.
  • Choose Decor items needed or a vendor who can make it possible.
  • Search for any additional vendors if someone else hasn't done it.
  • Plan out the event (meal first, games and gifts, time, and order of the event).
  • Send invitations 4-6 weeks before the shower add registry if the Bride decided to.
  • Call the vendor to confirm services, time, and final payment.
  • Create a timeline for the event and handle it to the host and helpers.
  • The Day Of help with decor and other items need it for it.
  • Check with vendors one last time.
  • Welcome guests and direct them to refreshments and their seats.
  • Let them enjoy the event.
Engagement Parties
Bachelorette Parties
Micro Weddings
Rehearsal Dinners
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