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Procedures to follow during COVID-19 on your special day.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

1. It is so sad everything that have been happening everywhere in the world with the #coronavirus. So many people getting sick, so many deaths, so many wedding and events cancel or postponed, so much confusion around everything.

2. Please , please, take care of yourself and your love ones. Stay home don't take the risk if you don't need to be out. Weddings and events can be done in another date.

3. If you really want to get married you can have a Micro Wedding, a Virtual Wedding or postone a wedding and find an outside wedding venue so you can accommodate a small group of guests on a larger space, following the CDC distancing regulations.

4. Place a station with gloves, hand sanitizer, a thermometer, soap, alcohol can also be used if you don't find sanitizer, masks and glasses or shields.

5. Ask your caterer to serve the food for you, to have workers serving for you so none of your guests will touch the serving utensils. 6. Ask if they can provide individual portions of cake or desserts, beverages or have someone serving in the station with disposible cups or change glasses everytime they ask for a drink.

7. All your vendors need to be covered and used a mask and follow CDC regulations.

8. If you are traveling, be sure to know what is needed and what countries are open for your honeymoon or vacation and follow their regulations.

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