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Budget, Date and Amount of Guests

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

If you are starting to plan your wedding or event these are three very important things that you need to have present and resolve before you call, or visit any vendors, or venues, the date, the budget and the numbers of guests.

The Budget, If you are paying everything define your total budget, how much you are able to use, the percentage of each thing you need for the wedding. It is very important to focus on what is really important for you and how much will you be able to spend on it. Don't create boards with false expectations, focus on what's important and really necessary.

If you will have other people helping with expenses please, always ask the amount so you can added up and have that total present for you to be able to call or visit any vendors. Be sure whoever will be giving you money for it is a person you can really trust. Everyone will be asking you how much budget you have for whatever you asking inquiries for.

The Date, You need to have at least a tentative date before you start looking for a venue, because that's the first thing they will be asking you. Also, before you call any other vendors so they can check their availability.

The Number of Guest, Every vendor will need these information. Define if you will have only adults or kids too. If you will be inviting just couples or families. How many people will you be able to invite?

Make a list of the most important people in your life, (people you really want to invite, and keep that number) and any other one who are expecting for you to invite them. After you start looking and see how much you really can afford for the venue, then you start taking people from the list or adding to it. But remember to start with who you really wanted to be present. Also if they need to travel, who can afford it. That way the vendors will be able to give you a quote.

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