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Four Wedding Day Mishap Solutions That Wedding Planners & Coordinators Can Fix

As a Wedding Planner we always need to know how to really get the solutions of any unpredictable problem that can come during the day of the event. Most of the time you have to improvised with what you have handy or think a quick solution, anything but ruin the couples day.

Here are four of a few problems that can come up on our way and how can be resolve.

  1. The four or five-tier wedding cake has fallen over and the top tiers are destroyed, or was damage during the transportation.

a) Try to repair at least one tier adding more decoration to it. If you don't have more of the same décor, try to improvised with whatever you have handy.

b) If there enough time before the reception start, call the baker to see if they have any available to send over to repair the cake or call the closes bakery shopping and order or buy one or two tiers as soon as they can.

2. The florist forgot one or two boutonnieres.

a) Make the boutonniere with flowers from the centerpieces or any available flower left for the cake decor.

b) If the florist still around ask her to do it real quick.

3. The bride tore her dress as she stepped out of the limo, or the groom jacket or shirt is missing a button.

a) Always carry a sew kit in your emergency kit, dependent on the damage of the dress it will be probably easy to fix.

b) It can be fix also with tape, clips and no sew glue.

4. The groom has a lipstick stain on the collar of his shirt from hugging his grandmother

a) That can be remove with shaving cream, robe it on the fabric gentle with a damp cloth

b) It can be remove with a makeup remover wipe or a makeup remover water base with a damp cloth and brush it out. Dry with a hair dryer if it is not a dryer machine available.

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