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How to choose a Wedding Reception Centerpiece

Updated: Mar 18

Depending on the vision of your Dream Wedding and your Budget, you can look for different options that can be used in your decoration.

They can be design following a theme, a vision, following a trend, a hubby, etc. The important thing is to design following your wishes. You can add names of the cities that you already visit or the places you wish to visit one day, use life fishes, your favorite flowers or plants, favorite colors, something that is trending or something you think your guess will love to kip or to take home.

Wedding Reception Centerpieces can be made of different materials. Some of these material are flowers, real and battery operated candles, live fish bowls, wood bases, wood logs, plants, feathers, lamps, greenery, sand, bottles, lights, toys, books, antiques, glass bases, plastic bases, old suitcase, iron body and branches to mentioned a few. They can be make in different sizes small, tall, large, big, different wide sizes, up to 5' high and 2' wide.

If you choose to use flower centerpieces, always look for the flower that in season, if there is any holiday close to your date that can help the increased on the prices of the flower you choose or would like to use. Be sure the size of the centerpiece you choose is the correct for your budget, and how many of each size. Sometimes it is convenient to have different sizes to lower the expenses, or to use two or three different sizes and the more inexpensive flowers to lower the cost.

Here are some examples of a few of the different centerpieces that can be presented in your special day or event.

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