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Top 14 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

You are not quite sure yet if you need to hire a wedding planner. If you are back and forth about hiring one, let me tell you a few reason to think about it. We are sure it could be worth the investment if your budget allows you to do it.


Wedding Planner setting up Guests Seating Cards
Wedding Planner Elena Working

1.      Professional wedding planners can be total lifesavers, they can really help you to ease the burden of working practically a part time job to go through the planning process for hours. Especially if you have to work a full-time jobs, a wedding can feel like a side hustle that quickly takes over your life.


2.      Having a full-service wedding planner help keep you organized and on track is going to give you such a confident feeling that the price will be well worth that value.


3.      Usually the vendors work business hours and typically they are not available on the weekends since they are executing the weddings, so if you work full-time, let the wedding planner to contact them instead.


4.      If you don’t live in the town you are getting married in, it’s really hard to know the best vendors, the best venues, what the weather is like and local laws. A local wedding planner has vendor relationship that can help if you are planning a destination wedding and help your event go smoothly. From choosing a venue, book the travel arrangements, to décor details for the ceremony and reception sites, etc.


5.      Planners know how to make-and stick to-a budget. They can work the numbers to make sure that everything you are looking to include, is part of the day at a good price point. The planners know how much money you really can spend on every vendor you wish to have at your event.


6.      If you have a lot of décor and inventory that needs to be placed for both ceremony and reception, your wedding planner and their team will be sure that everything will be place, set up and moved on to the appropriate places around the venue.


7.      They will coordinated and managed every vendor, from their arrival time to departure time and every aspect on between. They will be the point person for all the details, ensuring that you big day is totally stress-free. That way you can focus on your family members, friends, and of course, your spouse.


8.      You don’t have to worry about last minute questions and details, or worse, last-minute problems. That way you don’t have to assign that role to a wedding party member or a family member that can added more stress, especially if they are not experienced in the wedding industry.


9.      If you need help with family dynamics, like divorced parents, family members that need assistant getting around the property, problematic family members, -- this are some situations the wedding planners can assist you, that way you don’t have to be thinking about it.


10.  Hire someone who will take care of the planning process details and guide you through what to do next. They will made the experience easier and less stressful – so having someone else to take care of every detail made the couples dream day possible. Take advantage of any advice and the creative opinions of your planner, remember they do this every day, so take the opportunity to use your planner’s assets to your benefit and let them exercise a little creativity.


11.  If you are a non-traditional couple. Hire a wedding planner that will execute your vision, understand and respect your priorities and values.


12.  Trust the wedding professional planner, they really know what they’re doing.  They will anticipated issues before they occurred and problem-solve on the fly. They can handle inevitable hiccups and changes during uncertain times.


13.  If the venue offers wedding coordinators, they will be covering everything that needs to be done by the venue workers, not your needs out of that. So hired a wedding planner/coordinator to cover all your needs out of the venue, rehearsal and all details of the planning process from the moment you “get engaged” to the moment you say “I do”. They will be in contact with the venue coordinator/supervisor/manager to cover all the details of the timeline.


14.  But remember that while a planner is working on your wedding, they do it because they love to, so be patient, considerate, honest, and above all, appreciative of their time and work.

Remember this top 14 reasons to hire a wedding planner


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