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Flowers, flowers everywhere.

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

If you like to impress your guests at the wedding ceremony and reception, use flowers everywhere. Fresh flowers are the ideal deal but if your budget it's not enough, fake flowers work too, or a combination of both and candles. Candles always dress the tables and any other area of the Venues very well.

Choose wisely and work with your budget formula to be sure what kind you can use, sizes and how many.

Flowers at the ceremony site:

1. At the Welcome Sign

2. In the Altar if it is at church or at the arch or similar item

3. In the Aisle , small arrangements at the cocktail tables, at the reception site

The Flower Designer will be happy to help you design the arrangement of your choice, just let them know your vision for it.

If you are ready to order your arrangements, be sure you know

1. What color do you want?

2. Be sure to have a sample on a picture or post of something similar to what you would like to order.

3. Ask the florist what flowers are in season? That will help you to work with your budget.

4. What size would you like ?

5. Do you want a mix of small and tall arrangements?

6. What kind of arrangements you would like to have at the ceremony site?

7. How many bouquets and boutonnieres do you need for the bridal party?

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