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Tips on Tipping

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Wedding professionals, from bridal consultants to photographers, are tipped only for extra-special service. If your florist arrived to decorate the ceremony site only to find a locked door, which caused him or her to wait an extra hour, a tip would be an extra thank-you for professionalism, patience, and diligence. While you might set aside an extra 15 percent as unexpected tip fund, you needn't anticipate tips for the consultant, club manager or caterer, florist, photographer, or videographer. Often a caterer's gratuities are imbedded in the total costs; many hotels include a service charge for the waitstaff. Always ask whether gratuities are included before signing any contract.

You should plan a gratuity budget for the following:

* Valet parking * Coat check * Powder room attendants

* Delivery truck drivers * Limousine drivers

* Waitstaff, table captains and Bartenders

In addition:

* Tip parking lot, coat check, and powder room attendants ahead of time so that your guests don't have to. Ask a friend to make sure that there are no tip dishes or baskets sitting on the room shelf that would make guests feel obligated to tip. A general guideline is to tip attendants a flat fee or $1 to $2 per guest.

Autor: Peggy Post

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Elena Sanchez
Elena Sanchez
Nov 30, 2019

Taking care of your vendors

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